On behalf of the Momentum Project, BOOM!Health is requesting funding to support its subsidiary corporation, The Momentum Project’s continuous effort in providing congregate meal, food pantry and nutritional services to the marginalized and vulnerable persons in New York City that it has served since its inception over 28 yrs ago. BOOM!Health is a dynamic Bronx-based non-profit organization that acquired The Momentum Project as a in March 2014. Together, we are working to address the needs of more than 12,000 of the most disenfranchised New Yorkers through a variety of social, legal, and nutritional services.

In spite of our efforts, the food gap (a national indicator of food insecurity) is growing in the Bronx, and Federal funding for nutritional supplement programs, including emergency pantry services has been significantly reduced, which has caused major changes to our services, as listed below:  A recent loss of our NYS Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program funding resulting in a reduction of $240,000 that paid for food, fresh produce, program supplies, and pantry goods.  As a result, The Momentum Project has been forced to reduce the distribution of food pantry services from every weekday at one time, to 5 times a month, then to once a month at each location site due to budget cuts. BOOM!Health on behalf of The Momentum Project, is hopeful that you will consider joining us in the fight against poverty, hunger, and homelessness, with your kind donation so that this critical need can be fully restored, and/or enhance in the future.

Nunzio Signorella - Interim President & CEO